Pink Fashion For the Spring

I’m not sure if I told you but I love pink fashion… well I guess that was obvious haha.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite Pink Fashions.


I’m in love with those leggins and heels, I became pretty obsessed with them that this past weekend I must of walked in the mall for 3 hours trying to find anything that came close and I wasn’t able to. This the fashion I really love. Its different and unique and when you wear something like that people think you are headed to some special event or occasion but that is the life of a true fashionista you are wearing something special that everyday people just don’t dare to wear in everyday life.


This is a shot of a girl’s waist but how pretty does she look. You can almost already imagine what a girl like this looks like in person, cute & color. Those are the only types of girl that can pull this fashion off! Not saying that fashion is reserved for the pretty, everyone has their own sense of fashion that suits them, at the end of the day its all about expression whatever you want to express for yourself first and foremost. Because awesome clothes makes you feel great inside.


I love this girl’s bracelet and the matching pink sweater she is wearing. Even a subtle pink bow tie like that can dramatically create a different feeling inside, because what do we put bow tie on generally? Yes presents, gifts, something of value to someone we hold dear. So I think if you wear a bowtie even as small as the one she is wearing on her Bracelet, she is feeling great like the valuable human being she is. Very fashionable rings as well. I love the simplicity of it.

So spring is fast approaching and everyone is sccurring for new Fashion to rock, I’ve been doing some shopping on Amazon lately because I’ve been so darn busy with school and work and have rarely time left over to head to Sommerset mall in Michigan, but hopefully soon because shopping in person is something that can’t really be replaced.

I do however manage to find time for this blog because I love writing about Fashion and it is my passion to share my views with the world. Just love the whole concept of a blog, how you have a free platform to share your thoughts and broadcast it to the world is simply amazing,,


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