Fashion Ideas for Wedding Season

Wedding season is approaching us March through May it is amazing how many of my Michigan friends are getting married during this time of the year. Many that I have graduated from Michigan State with are all grown up now and getting getting married now. Some of the pictures that I see now a days on facebook are really professionally done photographs of wedding ceremonies and everyone with big smiles.

This spring I’d like to talk about what to wear during wedding season, of course the bride wears all white but what about the bride maids? Well I think you guessed it by now, I will be wearing pink and promoting pink outfits. Here is a collection of few of my favorite pink wears.


Maria’s HOT oscar pink dress I think she look absolutely stunning in that dress and I think it’ll be a great look to attend weddings. We are dealing with an event that represent ever lasting love after all and what color represent love more than pink.


A simple pink dress and flower for brides maids for wedding could be the perfect compliment to an event that celebrates true love.

Although as pretty in pink fashionista I wear things that can shock and amaze people and be different, for weddings I wouldn’t mind wearing something low key and matching with my friends as the spot line should be on the real beautiful white wedding dress.

But pink undertones I believe should exist in the environment for this weddings.


Here is another example of what I am talking about. See how the pink around the white compliments a great photo that can signify love. I believe pink brings out femininity and elevates the mood for everyone.

In this blog I talk about pink fashion mostly but I also have passion in pink decorating and having elements of pink in the envionrment. Especially for weddings I think setting the right mood through decoration is very important. Although I am no wedding planner, I do have keen sense on designing and I did partake as school designer for many clubs.

Now one of my good friend is getting married and one of the thing she consulted me other than the dress for the brides maids but decoration of the venue, so I propose that it all depends on what sort of look and feel she is going after. But she knows my obsession with pink and she must be wanting some pink elements or she wouldn’t be asking me the question!

So I gathered some pictures of pink wedding ideas.



A scene like that is movie scene worthy. I think too many people default to normal plain colors for the wedding setting when you could get very creative and add all sorts of fun and elegance to it by incorporating fun colors like pink.


Another beautiful picture, with pink being used in small percentage but makes a big impact in the whole vibe of the place. Pink is undoubtedly the color of romance.



Some people would like to do weddings in a more simple place like the backyard of their homes, outside with simple lawn chairs and table and some good catered food. You could still do pink by getting the table decoration and getting some few balloons with pink tones. Still makes for an incredible atmosphere that significance romance.


Also getting other areas to be pink could really make for a memorable experience as well such as the limousine ride to the ceremony and back. Most people may pink white limousines for weddings but why not try something different a go for a pink limo and have that be the factor that surprises everyone. Is it getting too pink? I don’t think so! and I know just the right company to refer my friend to, a limousine company in Novi, MI with fantastic wedding limo service with red carpet and Bentley Limo Package included at really great prices! highly recommended.


As someone that has serious passion for pink, when a friend asks for decorative ideas for a wedding, you better believe I will be recommending them Pink! It’s not that I dislike other colors or the only thing I wear is pink. I wear other colors too, and I know if there is nothing but pink that can also be too overwhelming as well. But I know that if pink is used in the right undertones and right quantities it can really make everything come to life.

For a wedding, I recommend including pink somewhere in the event and I guarantee it will make subtle differences that make the event more fruitful of love and passion and fun / flirty mood. Which is exactly what you want everyone to experience at a great wedding.

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