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Seeing London and Coming home for another party


Earlier this week a very exciting parcel landed on my doorstep in the form of DKNY’s new Be Delicious City Blossom Eau de Toilettes. This Spring, their famous apple-based scents with similarly apple-shaped bottles are getting a floral revamp to create two new scents and one re-vamped original with floral blossom hues and pastel-coloured bottles.

DKNY say this collection is inspired by a “dreamy rooftop garden, in the heart of New York City, which is a magical escape from the streets below, enhanced by the splendour of the towering building in the distance, a botanical delight, where urban gardeners plant their cozy oasis.” Anyone else suddenly feel like getting on the first flight to New York? I know I do! The three scents are ‘Urban Violet’, ‘Empire Apple’ and ‘Rooftop Peony’, all of which are based around different parts the city’s growingly popular urban rooftop gardens that are sanctuaries for the New York girl‐on‐the‐go.

‘Urban Violet’ was the one I was most excited to try, as Yardley April Violets is one of my all-time favourite scents.  It features top notes of mandarin, blackberry, raspberry and red delicious apple blossom. Accents of rose, freesia and violet which are designed to ‘bring a lightness to the fragrance while base notes of sandalwood, orris and musk are a ‘woody anchor’. If you have any idea what that means, you are a far better beauty blogger than I am! This is sweet and powdery upon first spray, which dries down to be slightly floral, but nothing overpowering. I don’t think the violet comes across too strongly, with the original apple being the dominant scents, which you’d obviously expect from a DKNY fragrance.

Next up is ‘Empire Apple’, featuring the classic Be Delicious fragrance in limited edition botanical inspired packaging and carton to match the two new fragrances. The scent features top notes of American apple extract, cucumber, grapefruit and magnolia with middle notes of tuberose, white muget, rose and violet. Base notes here include sandalwood, blonde wood and white amber. Funnily enough this is my least favourite of the three and I usually love the original, especially in Summer because it is so crisp. but I think the florals are just more appealing to me now.

‘Rooftop Peony’ is my absolute favourite of the bunch, with top notes of mandarin, bergamot, pink lady apple blossom and cassis. Accents of rose absolute, peony and raspberry bring a fruity and floral freshness to the fragrance while base notes of sandalwood, amber and reseda ground the scent. This has slight hints of Stella by Stella McCartney, a scent which I’ve loved for about 5 years now which made me fall in love with this. It’s fresh, creamy and warming, and I think this is going to be my go-to Spring scent. I also really love the pink bottle, because it looks exactly like a Pink Lady apple…my favourite!


Tara Lynn One of my favorite models is currently exclusively seen wearing fashion available at Boots in store and online, with a nationwide release on the 1st February. Do you think you’ll be picking up any of these? What’s your favourite Spring scent? That’s when pretty in pink blog gets a lot of content :)

I’ve gone off Strictly in recent years, but I can also guarantee that my mum will make a comment to me about what Tess Daly was wearing that week, and this season has been no exception. She’s caused controversy with some of the dress choices, and for the first live show, Tess wore a canary yellow dress that was lambasted on fashion and TV gossip websites for being too bright and for clashing with her blonde hair. The dress wasn’t very flattering, even though it was a Victoria Beckham dress which are always cut simply and elegantly. The claimed that Tess didn’t suit the high neckline either, which made her look a tad frumpy. I however think she looked really incredible, I’d definitely kill to rock a fitted dress like that!

The next dress Tess chose to wear didn’t go down well with viewers either – a baggy, purple piece that experts claim did nothing for her figure, despite being bunched up around the waist with a stylish metal belt. There was too much of the taffeta-like material, billowing out in all the wrong places and was said to bring to mind memories of an unflattering bridesmaid dress. This is probably my least favourite of the outfits so far, despite the lovely colour.

Just like last summer when I was visiting a friend from the states and we went on that infamous Sterling Heights Limo and I was in the best dress ever.

For week two, Tess went for a more classic look – a simple, if not dull, monochrome dress for the Saturday night show and a black, sequined dress for the results show, which was more appropriate for the glitzy dance contest. Tess looked stunning and the cut of the dresses suited her really well, and definitely stole all the lime light away from ol’ Brucie in between dances. This look can always be emulated for a night out with girls, but if that’s not what you’re after try the Ladies Night online game at Gala Bingo for some entertainment, that way you can stay in, put your feet up and still be able to check out what Tess is rocking that weekend.

Tess’ style was said to have gone awry in week three, where she wore a floor-length, red dress with a sheer panel down the front which viewers described on Twitter as looking cheap and unflattering, however I found it to be flattering on her curves, even if it wasn’t as “classy” as some of her other Strictly outfits from previous seasons. Again the problem here was said to the high neckline, which typically doesn’t suit Tess’s figure because of her chest size. The dress could have been accessorised a little better, instead of just a simple gold choker and thin gold bangle which were somewhat lost in the boldness of the dress colour itself.

Last season the Strictly presenter wore some beautiful dresses, channelling the old school glamour of ballroom dancing with a floor-length, silver sequined gown and Hollywood Bombshell hair. My favourite had to have been the outfit she wore for the final- a structured, peplum dress that had a long, sheer skirt layered on top with delicate, embellished shoulders which you can see here. I think dark blue suited her colouring perfectly, and being someone of a similar colouring, both skin-tone and hair, it was definitely a tip I’ve stolen off her for choosing some of my outfits recently!

Past Adventues

Here is a quick look back on the past year, the various episodes.


Last night I was kindly invited along to the Spring Fashion Fix event happening at my favourite shopping centre, Birmingham Bullring. Running from 12pm until 8pm, the day was centred around getting the four step Fashion Fix you need to be on-trend this Spring, whilst treats treats from your favourite shops and restaurants with bespoke offers and activities throughout the day.

Umberto Giannini were on hand throughout the day, offering complimentary appointments at their pop-up dry bar, which they offer regularly in-store for £20. The staff were offering fabulous hair-ups and blow-dry looks to those who’d been quick enough to snap-up a slot, and I chose to have an up-do just before the fashion show started. I am utterly useless at trying to do things with my hair other than straightening it, and letting it dry naturally, so this was a great opportunity to try something different. The stylist ran a French plait up the nape of my neck, backcombed the top up to Amy Winehouse-esque heights and then finished it all off with a  classic top-knot. Pretty, huh?! Urban Decay were also offering make-overs, and the star of Nails By Rosie was show casing polishes from Topshop, Claire’s and Urban Decay to create nail art inspired by SS14 trends, of monochrome, pastels and bolds.


The five key trends of SS14 are ‘Pretty Things’, featuring all things cute, floral and pastel; ‘Sports Luxe’, incorporating traditional sportswear styles and upgrading them for classy, everyday looks; ‘Going Global’, where tribal prints, interesting textures and clashing colours comes into play; ‘Monochrome’, the classic, reinvented for 2014 and ‘Colour Palette’, bold brights and crazy neons to carrying your straight through ’til Summer. There were several catwalk shows throughout the day, teaching you how to adapt the new season’s trends to suit your colouring.
The super fantabulous Emily Jayne was also on hand for complimentary colour consultations, to get rid of the urge to wear black and grey all year round, find out which colours suit you best, and how to combine them for the perfect colourful capsule wardrobe. Turns out I was perfectly dressed to suit my colouring, as I fall between the Light and Soft palettes, which is conveniently perfect for this season. Emily also offers bespoke colour and style consultations from her studio; more details of which, along with lots of reviews, fashion news, and advice on how to wear colour can be found on her website.
It was such a fun night, great to catch-up with Emily and Alev, and the folks from Urban Decay in Debenhams, Hotel Chocolat and Kiehl’s in Selfridges gave us some awesome goodies to see us into Spring, which I’ll show you soon (apart from the chocolate…I kind of ate it). Also, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how much the male model looks like Dave Franco? Bravo Bullring, bravo!
First up, the ‘Beeswax & Banana’ variety, an all-natural product like most of the Burt’s Bees range that is super thick and super moisturising, and one which I’ve actually just finished…no mean feat when you’re a self diagnosed hand cream hoarder like myself! The formulation boasts added aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturise dry skin and beeswax to help seal and shield your hands from the elements. I suffer from dry skin, especially in and around my nail beds all year round and this was a miracle worker for me over the winter, my nails now are probably the longest and healthiest that they’ve ever been. My favourite aspect however has to be the cream’s sweet smell of banana and custard; who doesn’t want to smell like a childhood dessert?! (The answer to that should be no-one, by the way). When rubbed in however the banana sadly fades slightly, leaving behind a more dominant scent of the beeswax, but one which is still pleasant nonetheless. I’ve recently repurchased this to make the most of an offer that was on in Waitrose, and I’m super happy to have it back on my bedside table.
Nu3 recently sent me the ‘Almond Milk’ variety to try out when my first pot of ‘Beeswax & Banana’ ran out, and it has launched a similar love affair. It has a pretty similar formulation, except this time made with sweet almond oil alongside the vitamin E to nourish extra dry skin, along with Burt’s Bees’ signature beeswax to lock in the moisture. Both of the creams are ever so slightly greasy, and due to the glass packaging I tend to use these at night with some cotton gloves, as they’re not very handbag friendly, instead sticking to my all-time favourite (and subsequently most-repurchased) Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream for use in the day. If you were a fan of The Body’s Shop’s Almond Range back in the day, you definitely need this in your life.
If I were have to recommend one, I’d definitely pick the ‘Beeswax & Banana’ variety, purely for the scrummy scent, although both are exceptional, giving me baby soft hands after just 2 or 3 nights of light use. To summarise, I love you Burt, and I love your bees, keep up the good work.
After a terrible night’s sleep (or lack there of, having gotten in so late the night before), and missing breakfast for the 3rd time, I quickly changed into my swimwear, threw on a sun dress and what seemed like 50 million layers of suntan lotion, fearing Round Two of the sunburn from hell. We headed out of the JW Marriott to our taxi, ready to take us back to the Royal Phuket Marina for our last outing of the trip, a speed boat trip to the islands around Koh Phi Phi.
Much like the excursion to Krabi on our second day in Thailand, we met the rest of our travelling companions by the main marina, picked up our snorkeling gear and flippers, and stormed ahead of the crowd to try and secure the seats at the bow of the boat; five minutes later, mission complete! As there were fewer people on the trip this time round, we had the front to ourselves, making for a much more comfortable journey, free of hairy Austrian men and their beer bellies.
Our first stop of the day was Bamboo Island, a picture perfect strip of white, oddly squeaky, sandy beach, to the east of the main Phi Phi archipelago. Geology fact of the day (much to my excitement at the time), was that the sand squeaks because it’s so pure, and so well rounded, the calcite-covered quartz grains rub against each other when you walk on them! *ooh, science* We stayed here for about an hour, enjoying the sunshine and taking our first snorkel of the day. As the area was so close to the beach, there was little to see other than some shoals of tiny silver fish, even though the water was perfectly clear, so I headed back to shore for a spot of sunbathing (avoiding my back, of course!)

Pretty IN Pink Returns

Since the start of the year, I’ve somehow managed to spend every weekend in London doing various things which has meant I’ve spent a lot of time searching for places for me and my friends to stay, and the Hotel District website pretty much saved the day.

This past weekend the folks at First Choice invited me down to Mayfair for dinner at Hakkasan, an AMAZING oriental restaurant with some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. It was one of those situations where I just wanted to eat everything that they had on the menu (I made a pretty good attempt, let me tell you) and the cocktails were to die for. I ended up starting the nice with a Passionfruit Bellini, followed by something called a Japanese Fon Fon and finishing with a Green Glory, a kiwi/cucumber/apple/bison grass vodka concoction which was like heaven to my tastebuds. Seriously considering selling my soul for the money to live in Mayfair now, I’ve had a taste of luxury now and I don’t want to go back to my hum-drum life! I ended up staying at the Holiday Inn at Oxford Circus, located just off Bond and Oxford Streets, and two doors down from beauty bloggers favourite, John Bell and Croydon. I actually had a really good night, making the most of having a double bed again for the first time in 6 months, making myself a glorious pillow fortress in the process.
A few weeks ago I’d headed off for a weekend away with my friend Josh, and we managed to come across Go Native after getting booking a Lansing Limo for Josh’s birthday the week after. It was a set of mini apartments in Suffolk Gardens, close to Hyde Park. This cost us marginally more than a standard room would have, and although it didn’t leave much to the imagination decor-wise, it had a fully working kitchen (complete with washing machine and dishwasher no less!) which I can imagine being perfect for a couple looking to save some money on eating out while in the city.

There’s an amazing range of places to stop if you’re heading down to London, next time I definitely have my sights on the Milestone, budget allowing that is!

Back in 2011, myself and my university housemate headed into Birmingham to do some shopping and we found ourselves shopping around the perfume section of Selfridges, where I happened to stumble across Prada Candy, and it was love at first sniff. With its gourmand caramel scent, it was super sweet as you’d imagine a vanilla caramel to be, and I headed to the tills with it. Now onto my second bottle of the original, when Fragrance Direct got in touch to see which perfumes I thought would make perfect Valentine’s presents for some special ladies this year, I knew that the newly released Prada Candy L’Eau was going to have to feature on my list.

Release back in April last year, Prada tweaked the notes of my much loved scent to create another playful and seductive perfume, this time featuring more of citruses and florals. With top notes of fresh Italian citruses, followed by the floral heart of sweet pea and the signature base of benzoin, white musk and caramel from the original Prada Candy. This leaning to lighter, more floral notes to me makes this perfect for Spring, and would work well as both a daytime and nighttime scent. Being an Eau de Toilette I find that it isn’t the longest lasting, with it fading away after around 4 hours, although when spritzer onto clothing (usually a scarf or pashmina for me) it lasts well over a day, which is perfect for me as I hate carrying perfume bottles around with me in my bag. Teaming a sweet scent with a cute and stylish pink bottle, this would be a perfect Valentine’s gift to yourself if you’re a single-pringle, or as a gift from your loved one!
Prada Candy as a range does seem to divide the masses, but if you’re all about sweet, vanilla-rich scents then this should be right up your street! Fragrance Direct stock the 50ml here for £42.50, as well as the 80ml bottle here for £55.95, both with at least 15% off the current high-street retail price.
Have you ever tried the Prada Candy range? What is your favourite fragrance at the minute?
Last night myself and my friends Sam, George and the music crew from UOB’s Burn FM headed off the the O2 Academy 2 for the Wireless Festival Launch Party. This year the folks at Live Nation have announced that the festival will also be happening at Perry Park in Birmingham as well as Finsbury Park in London, which is pretty exciting considering that this here fine second city of the UK has never had any major festivals grace us with their presence! As this is major news for us Midlanders, the O2 Academy in Birmingham teamed up with Free Radio last night to throw a party to celebrate.

There was a ‘surprise guest’ from the line-up which was announced yesterday morning which turned out to be the amazing Ella Eyre. For those who may not who know she is, she’s the incredible female vocals behind Rudimental’s ‘Waiting All Night’ and Naughty Boy and Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Think About It’, along with an AMAZING cover of Scrubs by Bastille (my personal favourite). She’s since been announced as part of the BBC’s Sound of 2014 list, a list of 5 artists that are set for huge things this year, and it’s not hard to see why. She played 6 of her songs, including her current single ‘Deeper’ and closed with ‘Waiting All Night’, much to the crowd’s excitement (myself included). Teaming her incredible voice with Motel’s Annie A-Line Monochrome Mini Skirt, Mindy Turtleneck Crop Top and hair that Beyonce herself would be jealous of, her stage presence was awesome and I think she’s going to go down a storm at Wireless this summer.

Following her performance we stuck around to have a few drinks courtesy of our VIP passes and listen to the DJs, occasionally bustin’ out a few moves to DJ Fresh and Jay Z, much to the embarrassment of my friends. Wireless will be heading to Birmingham from the 4th to the 6th of July, with the 3 days being headlined by Drake, Bruno Mars and Kanye West respectively. Tickets go on sale this Friday, and can be picked up here!

-pink lady